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An Actionistic, Transalpine Drama

Passage, Thomas Huber & Wolfgang Aichner

Long term art performance in context of the 54th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia

Munich - Zillertal Alps - Venice
May/June 2011

The undertaking is driven by hope: bare handed the artists will drag a self-made boat over the Alps. Neo-romantic aspirations and sisyphean exertion characterize the mission, whose apparent aim is to launch the boat into the lagoon in time for the most distinguished art event in the world, the Venice Biennale – to eventually celebrate the victory of art over nature in a triumphal journey up the Canale Grande.
This route is arduous and will physically and mentally demand a great deal even from the experienced mountaineers. The major part of the four to five-week expedition will consist in traversing the main
divide of the Alps on foot.
The project is part of the 54th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia, and for it to be documented there by means of the daily journals entries of the expedition in writtenand illustrated form.
A series of photographs will be generated as well as a video work, which will be presented with the boat.

The start of the project will be in St. Luke's Church in Munich where the project will be documented as well.

Following the structure of classic drama, which will either end in apotheosis or in catastrophe, the piece focuses on the heroes and their actual but also metaphorical undertaking. The art remains central, which is manifested on the one hand in the self-made boat (in the sense of sculpture), and on the other hand in the act itself. Thereby it is only a metaphor for man’s aspiration to reach beyond his limitations, which can only end – sooner or later – in catastrophe or salvation.

Exhibition Venice
Preview:             1-5 June, 10.00-20.00
Exhibition:          6 June – 11 September, daily (except mondays) 15.00-20.00

Scuola dell`Angelo Custode
Comunità Evangelica Luterana di Venezia
Campo SS. Apostoli
Cannaregio 4448

Exhibition Munich
Project start:      25 May, 19.00
in context of the experimental symposium „4 Elements+1"

Exhibition:         26. Mai – 26. Juni, täglich 9.00 bis 17.00

St. Luke
Thierschstr. 28

www.passage2011.org                www.passage2011.blogspot.com 

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